Q. Are scholarships awarded to students that wish to attend only a four-year college or university?
A. No. We will award scholarships to community colleges and two-year colleges that are recognized places of higher education.

Q. How will I know that my application is received and that it is complete?
A. Upon submission, your application receipt will be acknowledged by an email within 5 minutes of submission and a copy of what you sent will be attached to the email.

Q. How many years is the scholarship for?
A. The scholarship is for one year only. You may apply for another scholarship next year.

Q. I am in my 2nd (3rd, 4th) year of college/university/trade school. Can I still apply for a scholarship?
A. Yes. Scholarships are awarded regardless of their year in a school of higher education.

Q. My parents are divorced and I do not live in Atlantic County or Cape May County but my parent belongs to one of the qualifying groups, do I still qualify for scholarship consideration?
A. Yes. Your residency does not disqualify you. If your parent meets the criteria, you qualify to apply.

Q. I applied for a scholarship in prior years and I was not selected, can I reapply this year?
A. Yes, you may apply every year regardless if you were awarded a scholarship or not in prior years.

Q. My grades were not good. Do I still have a chance to get a scholarship?
A. Yes. Your grades are only one of the criteria that we use. The others are: SAT/ACT testing scores, your community service, your civic involvement, your personal character, financial need, and the length of service of your parent in one of the qualifying groups.

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